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Exclusively for Spas, Medi-Spas and Professional healthcare Specialists, the Professional Range targets puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness & wrinkles all in one product! Results are visible within one application due to the efficacy of the dermal delivery system PLUS the 20% active ingredients contained within the product.


Top Spas around the world enjoy selling the range's two fast-moving consumer retail products, and love incorporating the in-cabin products into their facials & treatments to help their customers relax, restore & revive!


eyeSlices® Professional Retail


Take eyeSlices® home with you to enjoy.

They also make great gifts for those that you love and would like to share your unique experience with!

Salon Tip: Displayed at till points, eyeSlices make a great Impulse buys and supplement to salon turnover. Display holds 10 pairs. Clients can purchase to take home (10 uses per pair).


eyeSlices® Professional Disposables


Experience eyeSlices® while you visit your favourite salon or spa. Apply it during a facial treatment or any other treatments that require you ro relax, restore & revive.

Salon Tip: NOT FOR RESALE. Add-on in facials and other treatments such as massage or add onto your pricelist as an add-on eye treatment item. Incorporate into a package such as bridal make-up or post permanent make-up application. Great value add into holiday specials: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas


eyeSlices® Professional Refills


After your first purchase of eyeSlices®, don't buy the clam again, just refill them!

Salon Tip: Incorporate the refills into a treatment and give them to your clients to take home afterwards! Just place back into the foil sachet & seal closed.




Aloe Ferox

Certified Organic whole leaf Aloe extract

Tapped directly from the Leaf!
Soothing, healing, calming


Indigenous to South Africa, Aloe Ferox is unique in the  concentration of its active ingredients and the versatility of its application. It is particularly well suited to skincare, rich in polysaccharides and other plant metabolites, as well as contains amino acids and minerals, to contribute to soft and smooth skin that is hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated.


The bitter sap, in addition, contains powerful anti-oxidant properties – an ancient source of a modern cosmetic buzzword. Recent test results have shown Aloe Ferox to have a rapid vasodilatory effect, causing the widening of blood vessels, which in turn increases circulation, helping the dermis carry important nutrients to the skin for quicker skin-regeneration. It also restores lost essential fluids to the skin caused by exposure to elements of nature. eyeSlices® acknowledges the use of Aloe Ferox as a solution to enhance elasticity, colour, tone, balance and overall skin health.

One of the most wonderful things about the Aloe Ferox is that it is harvested directly from the wild in its natural state. This ensures that plants have not been treated with pesticides, fertilizers or any chemical additives and are absolutely pure and organically grown.




Specially purified Soy & Rice Peptides

32% reduction of dark circles after 4 weeks of use

25% reduction of puffiness after 4 weeks

Proven effect on capillary circulation
Helps to improve Oxygen supply to the tissue


The REGU®-AGE active complex consists of specially purified soy and rice peptides, and biotechnologically produced yeast protein. It exerts a positive, localized effect on the hemodynamic properties of blood to improve oxygen supply to the tissue. Because the complex inhibits elastase and collagenases, it reduces the harmful effects of chronic UV radiation on the connective tissue, to help the skin retain its natural firmness. With the help of oxidoreductase the amount of free radicals, and thus inflammation processes, are minimized, resulting in a visible reduction of puffiness around the eyes.


This new anti-ageing complex has been developed specifically to address these conditions by improving microcirculation, protecting the integrity of the collagen and elastin bundle and reducing the effects that free radicals have upon the skin. In-vivo tests have confirmed visible results after only 4 weeks!


Clinical tests have shown REGU®-AGE to be a proven fast and effective tool to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, strengthen the connective tissue and reduce inflammation and prevent UV damage. So, no more wishing wells and secret potions because with this unique ingredient, eyeSlices® has found the secret to a younger looking skin.




Acts as a soothing anti-inflammatory for the skin.

Clinically proven to deliver a 117% increase in oxygen respiration to the cells.

Proven efficacy in collagen synthesis
Increased circulation


In recent years through ultra-violet exposure, yeast has now been found to be an excellent source of nutrients such as peptides, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Biodynes TRF®, a cosmetic grade of live yeast cell derivatives, provides calming, smoothing, soothing, and moisturizing properties.


It has been clinically proven that Biodynes TRF® delivers a 117% increase in oxygen respiration to the lower layers of the skin's cells, acting as a unique internal moisturizer, plumping up the skin by building up moisture content of the skin cells. With age, skin is known to become dry, to wrinkle and sag. Biodynes TRF® helps enhance the total health of the skin, reduces the signs of aging and effectively soothes damaged skin.


Biodynes TRF® has a long history of use as an active ingredient in cosmetic products and is one of the main ingredients of the eyeSlices® Professional range. We believe that Biodynes TRF® has great benefits to offer you to relax, restore and revive your eyes.


Pentavitin®  D-GLUCOSE


Proven increased moisture retaining capacity of the skin

Plant derived D-Glucose

Proven increase in skin hydration after a single application

Proven to remain active under conditions of low humidity




Skin firming

Brightens complexion

Skin renewal

Locks in moisture


Within the yeast extracts, peptide fragments had been identified to have the ability to control the genes responsible for collagen and elastin production.  Peptamideâ„¢ 6 controls the various growth factors, matrix proteins and cell shock/cell stress genes that are directly related to skin firming, skin renewal and water retention, reducing the appearance of fine lines and brightening the complexion. In addition, stress proteins can play a role in cellular apoptosis, the necessary cell death sequence, to make way for new cells.


Peptamide 6 is a mixture of natural ingredients predominated by a unique firming hexapeptide, proved to be ideal for anti-aging products and eye treatments, forming an essential ingredient within eyeSlices® to help you restore your skin to its natural beauty.